The end of the year…

This is the time, when only four months are usually left for the start of ‘The Couriers’. The end of the year is a time for some summaries, counts and information, that allow you to plan future months.

Next year is the tenth anniversary of the reactivation of the race. There will be no academies, medals, speeches (at most short) and flowers. We will celebrate this modest jubilee in a cycling way. Therefore, on this occasion Carpathian Couriers Race will last 10 days – 9 on the roads and 1 official.

My God, why so many?

We will officially start by the technical briefing in the evening, on Friday, April 27 in Veszprem. April 28, on Saturday, a real inauguration – the first, flat and Hungarian stage. April 29, the second stage – hilly and cross-border, because Slovakian – Polish. April 30, the third stage – again cross-border, mountainous, and perhaps royal ☺.  May 1, Labour Day. Therefore, the cyclists will have a lot of work, because we plan a flat time trial in Slovakia. May 2 – the fifth, hilly and Polish stage. And for the finals, May 3 – the sixth, mountainous, Polish and the longest stage to Tarnów. Stage cities – for today the axis Veszprem – Poprad – Tarnów is enough. The rest leave us for the official presentation – probably March 2, 2018. In all: 2 Hungarian, 3 Slovak and 7 Polish stage cities. In total 12, which is two times more than the last time!

It has been described only seven days – where is the rest?

Fulfilling social expectations, sensing current trends and celebrate the jubilee in a sporty way, we plan on May 4 – 6, 2018, a three-day CCR for Amateurs. It will consist of a flat prologue (Friday, 4.05 at 17:00) and two stages – hilly (Saturday, 5.05) and mountainous (Sunday, 6.05). Everything in the vicinity of Tarnów, where the race was born, was revived and where the 35th edition for youth will end. It will be possible to take part in the entire Triduum cycle or choose any stage. Everything will be, as on high-performance Couriers – good judging, time measurement, appropriate classifications, efficient technical cars, stocked buffet areas, as also colourful stage design and printing, as well as hosts and hostesses ☺ Registration soon!

To sum up – 3 countries, 10 days, 15 stage cities and many cyclists and even more fans.

Will you be satisfied?

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